On Demand Video Surveillance Security

Meet ODSS, a new intelligent surveillance drone with mobile apps that will accompany you whenever you feel unsafe or uneasy until you reach your destination.

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Our Mission

Why We Need ODSS?

Safety Cause

Statistics on 2016 showed that , there are 17333 cases for street crime, with a total crime index up to 112354 cases. Today’s environment is far more dangerous for us to walk alone not to mention stay by yourself such as in a laundry bar.

Prevention Of Crime

Criminal tends to attack whenever they see the opportunity of people walking in the dark, alone with less people around. They act really fast and have no mercy, in worst cases, dead.

CCTV & Bodygurads Are Costly

The minimum cost to install CCTV is roughly starting at RM1800 excluded the electricity cost. In addition for hiring bodyguard, the total cost is around RM8000 – RM10000 per month.


We want to make ODSS the most convenience surveillance apps that you can rely on.

Follow The Target. You

With Vision Tracking technology, ODSS will automatically recognized and follow you according to your movement features until reach your destination.

Make You Being Noticed

At night, ODSS drone will emit light for you to be noticable and safe. If you feel uneasy, a simple EMERGENCY button on the apps can be access which will triggered the alarm immediately.

Safely Return Back

After ‘sent’ you back home, ODSS will come back to their portable rack. It flies back to the preset home point while sensing obstacles in its path. So, don’t you worry about them.

Let’s Fund This Project

This Is Our Goals

We are looking forward your support – community that put safety as their top concern. With the earlier group of supporters like you, we will be able to go for a big pitching early 2019. Choose your preferable package and be the one who can feel the safe again!








How it Work

Use ODSS and let the assigned drone accompany you. Feel safer.

1. Start Booking in Just 2 Taps

Check your location and input your desired destination.

2. Assigned Nearest ODSS

Apps will show you the nearest ODSS drone and accept for the drone to follow.

3. Follow & Alert

In case of emergency, tap EMERGENCY button to turn on the alarm & the system will automatically alert the nearest police station.

4. Arrived Safely

Once you reach your destination, the ODSS will automatically send the recorded video to you.

Who Behind The Wheels?

Who is behind all the ideas and why does it matter.

Wan Fathurrahman is founder of Kites Technology. He launched ODSS few month ago as a mission-based company focused on creating & developing mobile application & vehicles that use green energy. ODSS was his first project before he go beyond.

Wan was an Web Desginer & Developer, previously work as Instrument Engineer. He attended University Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, MY majoring in Industrial Automation & Robotics Technology. Wan had a lifetime passion for green tech, mobile apps and has always had a great interest in aero engineering and IoT. Quite fan of it.

Wan is a big badminton fan, enjoys and keenly interested in creating a safer & greener world; lokking to create a better palce for his children. Wan is from Kuala Terengganu, MY and currently lives in Putrajaya, MY.

Wan Mohd Fathurrahman

Founder, Kites Technology

Money Back Guarantee 

Yeah. You heard it. We guarantee to return 70% of money back if we didn’t made it in time. No questions, we will simply make a refund for you. If you have any inquiry, kindly let us know.